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Perfect for family gatherings, small parties, or planned social events. Item icluded for example, a variety of meats, cheese, crackers, breads, produce, spread, dips, nuts, pickled vegetables, & more will be selected based on whats in season. We work closely with our clients & will accept any recommendations you have. Any known allergies must be made clear by the host or person placing the order. We can make a seperate individual box for any guest with food allergies. 

Grazing Table (Min 25 Max 45)

  • - Set-Up/Clean-Up: We will handle the set-up & clean-up process of the items we prepared, ensuring that everything is organized & situated before/after your event.


    - Serving: Staff can remain on site  to keep the grazing table clear of trash & keep an eye on items that can be replinished. This allows guest to graze without the worry of guest double dipping or not using the utensils to grab items. 


    - Plates & Serving Utensils: We provide serving utensils, cocktail skewers, cocktail forks, cocktail napkins, hand sanitizer, & all the plating for the grazing table. Plates can be provided for an upcharge. 


    - Tables: Our staff will handle setting up  and organizing the serving area where the grazing table will be. We can also provide a table for the event if the venue will not supply one. If you want to set up the grazing table on a bar, we provide butchers paper to spread across the bar top. 


    - Decor & Color Scheme: Upon request, we can provide table decor that align with the theme of your event for an upcharge. These details need to be discussed in advance. (this is separate from the plating options we will be supplying that is included in the total cost)


    - Drink Station & Drinkware: We can provide suitable drinkware for your guests to enjoy their beverages, along with non-alcoholic beverages for an upcharge. 


    - Serving Timeframe: Including set=up & Take-down, staff will remain at your event for a duration of 3 hours (discuss the length of the event before booking). Any time over 3 hours will be an additional $25.00 per staff member that is assigned to your event. We eant you to have a seamless catering experience.

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